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How to Make Money from Inflatable Bounce Houses

Corey Jeffreys found him in a place where many others have found themselves this past year. He was laid off from his job and dependent on family to help support him. However, he wanted to create greater financial security for himself and his family. So, he began looking for new ways to earn passive income through side hustles. That’s when he came up with his brilliant idea to make money from inflatable bounce houses. Here’s how he took $800 and turned it into a profitable business.

The Business Model for Renting Inflatable Bounce Houses

In the beginning, Jeffreys had been looking to invest in real estate. With the right property, rental houses can generate a steady revenue stream. However, reading books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and searching for opportunities sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. And, it ultimately led him to an idea on how to make money from inflatable bounce houses.

Although he wanted a new way to generate passive income, he didn’t have the capital for a large investment in real estate. While attending a birthday party with his son, he realized the same model for renting real estate could be applied to bounce houses. Not only were they much more affordable, but inflatable houses also had a much lower overhead cost. For only $800, Jeffreys bought his first inflatable bounce house, borrowed a utility trailer from his brother, and began renting it out for parties.

More focused on the return on his investment than the competition, he created a six-month plan to earn his money back. If he failed, he would simply sell it and cut his losses. However, his idea proved to be a good one, and soon he was bringing in more customers through word of mouth. Initially, Jeffreys handled all the deliveries and manual labor himself. But, his side hustle grew beyond the capabilities of a single employee. He pivoted the traditional real estate model into a scalable rental business which earned him $3,000 in the first year alone. By the fourth year of operation, he was bringing in an additional $15,000 in passive income.

Efficient Management to Make More Money

What was the secret to his success? The key to his incredible growth comes down to efficient management. While his business model was a simple one, it had several moving parts. And, although the initial investment was low risk, there were several other factors to consider when trying to make money from inflatable bounce houses.

1. Reducing Costs

First of all, the equipment he needed to transport and store the bounce house was expensive. However, he was able to reduce his cost since he borrowed what was necessary to move and deliver the bounce houses.

2. Knowing the Value of Your Services

Another way he boosted his profits was by knowing the value of his services. In the beginning, he had a competitor contact him about raising his rates. He was severely undercutting the competition and restricting his profit margin. By doing market research to compare rates within the industry, he realized he needed to increase his rates. This allowed him to remain competitive in the local market while increasing his revenue.

3. Utilizing Targeted Advertising and Marketing

Although many small business owners pay for a professional ad campaign, Jeffreys drives sales using free advertising techniques. He draws in new customers through social media advertisements, cold calls to local businesses and daycares, and old-fashioned word of mouth. Never underestimate what you can do using free resources which are already available to you.

4. Seizing Every Opportunity

After Jeffreys returned to a full-time job, he continued with his side hustle. However, while he was working his day job, he realized that he was missing out on opportunities with every call and email he couldn’t immediately respond to. So, he hired a virtual assistant to manage bookings, emails, and calls with potential customers. In addition to improving his response time, it also boosted his rating with local job sites where he posted his services. 

5. Weighing the Value of Your Time

Building a new business is also a huge time investment. When he first jumped into his venture, he was filling every role. But, he sacrificed all his free time to get it off the ground. Most people rented his bounce house for the weekends which meant he gave up time with his family to make deliveries. He knew he needed help, so he hired another employee to free up more time to spend with them. Although it was an additional cost, it made his venture as passive as possible. Now, his business can run itself. But, he can also jump back into it to stir up new customers and revenue at any time.

The Risks of Owning Inflatable Bounce Houses

While the initial financial risk was low, there were other risks to consider when trying to make money from inflatable bounce houses. For example, what happens if someone gets hurt? There is a significant risk of injury and liability issues. Therefore, he took out insurance to protect his business and personal assets. He also ensures his employee performs an inspection after the bounce house to set up, walks the customer around the equipment, and explains what they should and should not do. And, of course, customers must sign a rental agreement which also outlines the proper use and instructions for the equipment. Thanks to his established procedures, he has not had a single incident in his four years of operation.

In addition to protecting his financial assets, he also takes measures to prevent customers from wasting his time. People often book party rentals then later change their minds. So, he requires a deposit in case of cancellations. While it may be more attractive if people can book without a deposit, there is no guarantee for your time if they change their mind.

Despite these risks, Corey Jeffreys is the perfect example of what can happen when you stop doubting yourself and just go for it. He transformed a traditional business model into a successful venture in new industries. If you have had similar ambitions, it may be time to discuss the viability with your financial advisor to make it a reality.

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