Falana Raises the Alarm over Diversion of UBE Fund

A human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mr. Femi Falana, has raised the alarm over the alleged diversion of Universal Basic Education (UBE) fund by the state governments.

The senior lawyer said in a statement yesterday that every Nigerian child is entitled to free and compulsory education from primary to junior secondary school.

“But no state government has seriously implemented the programme,”Falana said.

He accused majority of state governments of refusing to contribute counterpart fund to assess the UBE fund.

“Last year, the federal government accepted my suggestion to deduct outstanding counterpart fund from London/Paris Club loan refund which accrued to state governments. The federal government also agreed not to disburse the fund before the last 2019 general election,” he expained.

According to him, UBE currently has N142 billion in its account.

“In addition, two per cent of the consolidated revenue fund of the federal government in the 2019 budget will be added to the UBE fund. I have confirmed that the fund will be disbursed in June 2019. If the fund is judiciously spent, child illiteracy will be substantially reduced in the country. But unless the NFIU, media, community leaders, and the civil society monitor the disbursement, the fund will be diverted once again by state governments,” he added.


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