Corruption, bad governance, political Favoritism and terrorism are the major problem Nigeria is facing.

Nigeria is the most populous African country with the current population estimated to be 199 million people, which is equivalent to 2.6% of the total world population. With its endowed natural resources Nigeria is one of the largest producer and exporter of crude oil but 63% of its population are absolutely poor. Political and economic corruption has become the order of the day, which has left so many people in the country poorer and marginalised. And has led to formation of terrorist and militant groups based on ethnicity and religious identities.

Boko haram and the Herdsmen are among this groups giving Nigeria a major security challenges. The group started as a Islamic Youths who became extremist and radicals in Borno State (North East) part of Nigeria, they believed that the government was bad and wanted a transformation which will

solve all the issues of corruption in the society. It’s main focus then was in politics and it was not violent but it later escalated to become a terrorist group. Nigeria is faced with multiple security challenges and boko haram is one of the major security challenges followed by religious insurgency, fights between herdsmen and farmers in the East and Middle belt, the militant groups in Niger delta and Biafra uproar in South East. the current mishap now, is the Police brutality and unjustified killings of innocent citizens in the country.

Every Nigerian knows that bad governance, corruption and lack of development has caused most citizens to be denied of their fundamental human rights, services and security. People have lost faith in the government, police and army concerning the unrest in North East talk more of the rest of the country.

Reforming the government and security of the country is almost an impossible task because the country keeps on rotating the power to the corrupt leaders. The same old leaders are been re-elected over time. Despite the new government plan on tackling corruption little or nothing has been done.

European Union (EU) has tried to provide a short term humanitarian support while still maintaining it’s distance from becoming too involved in the terrorism aspect.

European Union started a cardinal cooperation with the country. There was a forward agreement between the two, in 2009 the 10th European development fund (EDF) strategy paper was set out and the most important consideration of EU was funding the country. They allocation of €677 million towards the three major areas of project. Peace and Security, Governance and Human rights, Trade and Regional Integration. This cooperation focuses on government reform, and encourages improvement. in 2014 under the 11th European development fund (EDF) cooperation has expanded and is grounded in the EU-Nigeria joint way.

The EU mission in Nigeria is reliable. According to the former European Union delegate in Nigeria he made a statement saying:

We are not offering more financial support, we are proposing more political and policy dialogue, technical assistance, capacity building, training, transfer of technology, and also make improvement on tax collection….

For Nigeria to break out of its decades of weak economic performance, corruption and deepening poverty, leaders should come together and work. We are lucky to have a good federal system that has created 811 section of governance at the federal, state, and local levels. Regardless of its imperfection, the federal system is essential and can ease the innovative economic and political action. Nigeria government needs to focus on the issues stated above, to be able to move the country forward and also restore the lost hopes of Nigerian citizens both home and abroad.

Mahatma Gandhi once stated: “Be the change you want to see




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